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The REAL-EaSE is the most advanced and comfortable neck support available today. The product is so unique that we have a U.S. patent. Feel neck pain and stress melt away in as little as 30 seconds of use. Clenched jaws, headaches, cramps and muscle spasms are just some of the results of the stress so many of us hold in our neck and shoulders. Imagine surrendering the weight of your head into a massage therapist’s healing hands, while the muscles in your neck, shoulders and face completely relax. This is just what the REAL-EaSE can accomplish for you. The Real-Ease is scientifically and orthopedically designed to cradle your neck along the base of the skull for maximum relief of pain and tension. The Real-Ease is an excellent way to recharge after a stressful day.


"Dr. Riter's REAL-EaSE is simple, elegant, and effective. I find it useful in both the prevention and treatment of neck pain, headaches, and spasms."

Daniel J. Bressler, M.D.

Key Points:

•Safe & easy to use

•Recommended by healthcare professionals

•Instant relief from neck and shoulder pain

•Unique patented design

Doctor Riter’s Real-Ease